Using Math Equations In My Blog

Preparing to write some blogs with a lot of complicated math equations, I found a good way to go:

  • Using Jupyter Notebook to write a markdown article with math equations

    Note: MathJax in Jekyll site supports “$$” escape...

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Some Arguments about Real "Restful" API

Nowadays, if your API is not claimed as “restful”, your API seems not a real API. Like 5 years ago, if you software architecture was not claimed as SOA, it seemed not a real architecture. Though I think it’s not...

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The Note for Learning Git

Currently, my department plans to use Atlassian Stash (Git repository management server) to replace current SVN repository server.

Some colleagues in the team ask me to provide some training or introduction about Git since they know I has been...

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How to Use Java Checked Exception Classes

If we search “java checked Exception vs unchecked Exception” on the Internet, there are a lot of debates about which one is better and should be used.

Though, I think the most of unchecked Exceptions should be found during testing...

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Architect Title vs Architect Role

I have been working in IT industry more than 10 years, I have met different architects in this industry: solution architect, system architect, product architect, enterprise architect, etc. In fact, my current title in my current company is a “senior...

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