Improving my blog site continuously

In my previous blog “Adding a sidebar with Categories, Tags, and Archive sections into my blog pages”, I said that I needed to fix some issues. Now after intermittent works during last several days, I’m very happy that I have fixed the following issues:

  • Can’t filter a category/tag on “Articles by the category/tag” pages
  • Terrible general layout

It looks good now, at least, I’m proud of it:-).

However, it only looks OK on desktop, it still looks terrible on my iPad and Android phone. So, I plan to use Bootstrap templates for “Responsive Web Design”, either via “Jekyll Bootstrap templates” or “pure Bootstrap templates” to continuously improve my blog site.

Besides using the Bootstrap template, I also want to fix the “yearly filtering” issue on the “Articles by a year” page.

It seems that Markdown doesn’t support text alignment natively. Need to find a workaround for it.

Not sure if I can quickly accomplish above missions, which will depend on how I’m busy in the office or at home.

It’s really a long journey to improve this blog site continuously. It is a happy experience with a lot of learning!

Let me first tag the current master branch (will call it “2.0.0”), and create a new branch (will call it “branche_bootstrap”) for improvement.

Written on September 19, 2014
Categories: website